Materials characterisation by light scattering and reflectometry


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Motorised x-y stage


A Motorised x-y stage is available, designed for easy interchange with other specimen mounting options. The stage may be connected or disconnected at any time and simply slides into position on the base of the Reflectometer. A manual z-stage is included providing 40 mm vertical movement plus graduated manual rotation through 360. A steel platform with low-profile magnets is offered as standard, along with a special holder for mounting the glass standard. A vacuum platform is available optionally.


Basic specifications are as follows (all values nominal):






Angular resolution in mapping mode




Incident beam

Asymmetric converging



Incident spot on sample

Circular spot. Max diameter 1 mm. Truncated Gaussian intensity profile. FWHM ~0.5 mm



Mapping resolution

~ 0.25 mm



Travel in x and y

0 - 100 mm



Step resolution

5 mm



Step repeatability (1 s)

10 mm



Practical minimum step (in software)

100 mm



Max speed in x or y

3 mm/ s



Step Scan measurement time

~ 2 s/ step







Weights and dimensions

W x D x H (mm)

Weight (kg)


x-y Stage

300 x 300 x 85



manual z-f specimen mount

70 x 70 x 75






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