Materials characterisation by light scattering and reflectometry


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Vacuum Platforms

Two vacuum stages are available as standard, differing only in external dimensions. The stages are designed for use with the motorised x-y stage, and are mounted on a dovetail slide allowing easy interchange.


The vacuum plate is a micro-porous sintered aluminium. This material gives a smooth surface free from significant pits or holes that might deform a specimen’s surface. The clamping force is suitable for many specimens.  Manufacturer’s data are as follows: mean pore size ~15 mm; gas flow rate of the order of 1 litre/min/cm2 for a pressure difference of 0.6 bar; clamping force expected to be of the order of 4 N/cm2 for a pressure difference of 0.5 bar. 


A small diaphragm vacuum pump capable of a displacement of 35 litres/min and vacuum of 280 mbar has proved successful for clamping a wide range of papers (basis weights approx from 40 gsm to 240 gsm - although it should be noted that some heavy boards, or those with curvature may not be held flat), plus other materials such as plastics and paint samples.


Bespoke designs of vacuum platform, including non-standard sizes or shapes, or plates with higher air flow characteristics may be available to special order. Please contact us for advice and quotation.
















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