Materials characterisation by light scattering and reflectometry


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Stages and specimen mounting


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The measurement plane is fixed 2 mm below the Reflectometer head. In basic operation a Spacer Plate is attached to define the measurement plane: specimens are simply pushed against the base of the instrument with a spring-loaded plunger. In mapping mode, the Spacer Plate is removed and specimen height adjusted on the x-y stage.


The depth below the measurement head is about 200 mm. The accessibility of the measurement port gives considerable flexibility when mounting specimens. Stages available include the basic spring loaded plunger, motorised x-y stage, vacuum platform, plus more specialised stages, e.g. for plastic films.


With some ingenuity, large specimens, or even liquids may be presented for measurement, although, the specimen surface must be flat (at least locally at the measurement point) for reliable results.


It may be possible for Surfoptic to design and build custom stages and mounts, including bespoke vacuum platforms. Please contact us with your requirements.



Motorised x-y stage

Vacuum platforms

Basic and other stages






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