Materials characterisation by light scattering and reflectometry


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Surfoptic Imaging Reflectometer System             

The Surfoptic Imaging Reflectometer System (SIRS 75) is an instrument for quantitative analysis of surface reflectance and appearance. It offers a unique combination of data which not only describes surface reflectance properties (e.g. gloss, reflectance haze), but provides insights into the physical surface properties controlling the observed reflectance (e.g. roughness and refractive index).

The reflectometer offers fast determination of several optical and physical properties in a single measurement:

·         Effective Refractive index (a measure of surface composition & porosity)

·         2-d angular distribution of forward scattered light

·         Macroroughness (distribution of surface slopes)

·         Microroughness (optical roughness)

·         Gloss (various definitions), reflectance haze  


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Applications include many industrial materials where surface finish and appearance are important (especially glossy or semi-glossy materials). Specific applications include:


·         Coated and printed papers

·         Ceramics and glazes

·         Plastics, coatings

·         Paint and varnishes; automotive finishes



Visit the Technical pages to find out how the Reflectometer works, see specifications and to learn about applications.






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Motorised x-y stage and mapping

A motorised x-y stage allows simultaneous mapping or line scans of most of the measured data.

For example – measure gloss mottle and relate the gloss variations to local roughness and refractive index.

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Specimen mounting

The Reflectometer systems offers considerable flexibility in presenting specimens:  samples can be presented by hand for fast routine measurement; vacuum and magnet stages are available for mapping; a specialist stage is available for plastics films. The measurement port is very accessible.

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The instrument and all operations are by Windows® software. The interface has been designed in consultation with users for practicality and ease-of-use. Data may be exported in various ASCII formats.

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