Materials characterisation by light scattering and reflectometry


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All Reflectometer operations are controlled by Windows software. The interface has been designed in co-operation with end-users for practicality and ease-of-use.


The basic measurement mode allows rapid throughput of samples, essential for good statistics and productivity in a busy industrial laboratory. However, more sophisticated options are available, for example to view the specimen in colour while selecting specific points to analyse. Measurement modes supported include: Basic (for manual sample presentation), Time Resolved (for studying processes which vary with time, such as ink drying) and Mapping (for mapping and line scans using the motorised x-y stage).


All the measured data are available for export in ASCII format. Reflectograms  and maps are also available as images.


A separate Windows program is available for analysing mapping data. This allows map data to be studied ‘off-line’ and allows greater control over scaling and display and provides basic statistical analysis.




















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