Materials characterisation by light scattering and reflectometry


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Technical background and applications data



These pages are a gateway to technical information on reflectometry and scatterometry in general and the Imaging Reflectometer in particular.


Here you will find detailed information on the reflectometry theory and principles, plus various examples of applications to paper, print, paint and other materials. Follow the links below to the main resources


Bibliography and references


Published references on various aspects of reflectometry, gloss goniophotometry and related theory and background.

Imaging Reflectometer 4 page Brochure

Pdf, 0.5 MB

Reflectometry theory and background

Imaging Reflectometer Theory

Pdf, 2.7 MB

Summary of theory behind all the measurements

Reflectometry versus Ellipsometry

Pdf, 160 kB

Comparison of reflectometry with spectroscopic ellipsometry and a more detailed discussion on the complex refractive index

Imaging Reflectometer technical information

Principles of the Imaging Reflectometer


The measurement parameters (and what they mean)


Imaging Reflectometer Features and Specifications


An introduction to the Imaging Reflectometer

Pdf, 2.5 MB

General overview of the Imaging Reflectometer how it works and what it measures.

Reflectometry applications data

Calendering of clay coated paper

Pdf, 62 kB

An example of how effective refractive index, gloss, microroughness and macroroughness change as a coated paper is calendered

Drying of offset ink

Pdf, 72 kB

Simple example of time resolved measurement

Refractive index and porosity of coated paper

Pdf, 115 kB

Measurements on various coated papers showing relation of refractive index to porosity as measured by mercury porosimetry

Print mottle studied with RI mapping

Pdf, 192 kB

Use of refractive index mapping to study porosity variation over a coated paper and its relation to half tone print mottle

Refractive index of latex suspensions

Pdf, 103 kB

Measuring suspensions of latex in water and showing the linear relation of RI to volume concentration

Analysis of filled nylon injection mouldings

Pdf, 527 kB

Study of gate-marked nylon injection mouldings showing relation of microroughness to gloss and illustrating the use of line scans.

Gloss and structure through a paint PVC ladder

Pdf, 338 kB

Examination of relation between paint gloss and surface roughness and structure below, at and above the CPVC.

Reflectometry of drying paint

Pdf, 403 kB

Evolution of gloss and roughness during drying of paint at three PVC levels (example of time resolved measurement). Also illustrating backscatter data.












2-D reflectogram and 1-D slice in the in-plane scattering direction for light scattered from coated paper

Refractive index map from coated paper (20x20 mm)

















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